about us

A movie experience has been synonymous with captivating cinematography interwoven with music, however Massti 7D is here to change that, its now time to not only see and hear the movies but also feel them in as many as 7 dimensions!

So fasten your seat belts and get ready for the ride of your lives, Massti 7D brings to the people of Rourkela a unique movie experience where you are introduced to the world of virtual reality. You can feel the earth move when a quake happens, you can feel the water from a deep sea diving experience and feel the gravity drop in a roller coaster!

Massti 7D brings to you the latest in technology with a state of the art infrastructure that is plush - comfortable and life like providing a brand new mode of entertainment for the entire family! So get ready to see and feel the movies in a whole new dimension!

--- Looking forth to seeing you soon ---

Team Massti 7D